Stack 17.1 What's New?

Manage Study Role Configuration

Data Manager access to the Study Build System can now be controlled through the new Manage Study permission. This permission will be available for all user roles with base role Data Manager and can be configured from the Edit Role window within the User Roles page. This will allow user roles to permit access to Study Runner with Data Manager permissions but grant or restrict access to manage the study in Study Manager and Study Designer based on the Manage Study permission. All existing roles based on Data Manager have this permission enabled as part of this release to maintain continuity with previous behavior. All new roles based on Data Manager will also have this permission enabled by default.

Performance Improvements, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

  • Updated the validation criteria for user email addresses to allow apostrophes to be included.
  • Improved performance of running data extracts. 
  • Updated data extracts defined at a site to always include data only for that site regardless of whether they are run by a study-level user or site-level user.
  • Fixed an issue where Hidden forms could appear in casebooks and extracts for some users at the site level. 
  • Fixed an issue that caused extracts to fail in some cases for studies containing multiple forms in a non-repeating common event. 
  • Fixed broken Participant links in the Study Audit Log.
  • Improved performance of opening forms that use cross-form logic.

See full release notes for Stack 17.1 here

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