Stack 17.3: What's New?

Site-Level Data Manager Role

Data Manager access can now be set at the Site level. Previously, there was only one Data Manager role at the Study level, but now an additional role is available for Site-level access. Existing Data Manager roles (including any study-specific roles based on the Data Manager role) will continue to have Study-level access. Users assigned to the Site Data Manager role will not have access to manage the study but will have all access in Study Runner that an existing Study Data Manager has while accessing at a specific site.

Additional Data Domains for Unite

Participant Immunizations, Encounters, Conditions, and Procedures data can now be sent from the Epic EHR to OpenClinica using Unite. This expands on the existing capability to send patient EHR data including Labs, Medications, and Demographics to OpenClinica.

Participant Details Page: Common Events Updates

Improved the design for Common Events loading on the Participant Details Page to increase performance. Common Event section headers will now appear on page load more quickly. Additionally, Common Event form data is loaded more efficiently to provide for quicker response time when expanding a Common event section or adding or editing a form. This improvement will be most significant for large studies and for Participants with many Common Event forms. As part of these updates, archived Common Events and archived Common Event forms will no longer be displayed on the Participant Details Page when the page is showing the default Active Records view. The Actions column in the Common Events tables has also been changed from buttons to a drop-down kebab menu to match the controls for the Visits section and allow more room for other columns to be displayed. 

Performance Improvements, Enhancements, and Bug Fixes

  • Added significant performance improvements throughout the system, including for Study publishing, Batch CRF Migration, Query download, opening forms, generating PDF Casebooks, general usage under heavy load, and other general improvements.
  • Added Accessibility Statement link to the user menu in Study Runner.
  • Fixed an issue causing forms to appear out of order within an event on the Participant Details Page for Participants at some sites which had site configurations defined.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some PDF casebook jobs to be listed as in progress on the Bulk Actions Log even though they had already failed. 
  • Fixed an issue that could cause files saved to forms (uploaded files or drawn images) to be overwritten on rare occasions because the file names were not unique. Files saved to forms will now have Participant OID and a more detailed timestamp appended to their names to ensure no duplicate names can exist. 
  • Fixed an issue causing a publishing error when form item names were too long.
  • Fixed an issue causing intermittent slow loading times in Study Designer. 
  • Fixed an issue in Study Designer that could cause some changes to not be saved as expected or to be logged to the wrong user.
  • Security enhancements. 

See full release notes for Stack 17.3 here.

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